2015 Awards Luncheon

Our end of year 2015 awards luncheon was held on Sunday, December 20th at JJ’s Broiler in Nawiliwili.  The girls all wore their brand new uniforms for the first time along with their sashes full of badges earned.  They were recognized for their participation in the past years cookie program in which these five girls achieved CEO status for selling over 700 boxes of cookies each.  The awards highlighted were the Silver Torch Award, Cadette Community Service Bar and the President’s Volunteer Service Award; all of which are recognitions for the many hours of community service performed in a years time.


Pictured above:  Delcey Garma (co-troop leader), Aleah Yano, Alexis Cacabelos, Jayda Wakilina, Kyla Koerte, Kaytlen Akau and Teresa Caires (troop leader).

The Silver Torch Award recognizes Cadettes who act as leaders in their communities. Requirements are 1) Complete one Cadette Leadership Journey and 2) serve one full term in a leadership position.

The Journey we worked on over the year was aMaze! from the series: It’s Your World – Change It!

Recipients are:
Aleah Yano – for her term as an Assistant Dance Teacher at ADS (2014-2015).  Alexis Cacabelos – for her term as 2014 Young Miss Hawaiian Royalty.  Kaytlen Akau – for her term as an Assistant Dance Teacher at ADS (2014-2015).  Kyla Koerte – for her term as President of GSH Troop 823 (2014-2015).  And, Britnee Akau – for her full term as 2014 Petite Miss Hawaiian Royalty.

The Cadette Community Service Bar is an award that recognizes a Cadette who has made a difference in their community and practices the values of the Girl Scout Law. It’s also a great way for them to get involved with a particular cause they care about. To earn the bar, the requirement is to choose an organization to volunteer with, be given instructions by the organization on what to do, and complete at least 20 hours of service.

Recipients are:
Aleah Yano– for her service to Aloha Dance Studio (2014 – 2015 = 39 hours approx).  Jayda Wakilina– for her service to the 2015 County of Kauai’s Summer Enrichment Program (June – July 2015 = 243 hours).  Kaytlen Akau – for her service to the 2014 and 2015 County of Kauai’s Summer Enrichment Program (June – July 2014 = 142 hours + June – July 2015 = 133.25).  Kyla Koerte– for her service to the 2015 Lihue Hongwanji Preschool Summer Program (June – July 2015 = 107.25 hours).  And, Britnee Akau – for her service to the 2014 County of Kauai’s Summer Enrichment Program (June – July 2014 = 74.75 hours)..

Bridging…  Kaytlen Akau, Britnee Akau and Kyla Koerte bridged to Senior Girl Scouts.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a Presidential recognition is a tremendous honor which sets recipients apart from their peers. Our Girl Scouts do not serve for the purpose of seeking recognition in any way.  They do because they simply want to be of service to their community and want to set a positive example for other island youth.  This award can help them in delivering a powerful message which hopefully inspires others to take action as well.  Hours have been measured over the 12-month period of July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.  The awards are designated based upon age, service hours and in multiple levels designed to recognize each milestone of service achievement.  As recipients of the award, these girls have received a personalized certificate, a medallion and a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States.

Recipients are:
Aleah Yano– 90.75 hours, Alexis Cacabelos– 82.25 hours, Jayda Wakilina– 165.5 hours, Kaytlen Akau– 285.25 hours, Kyla Koerte – 68.25 hours, and Britnee Akau – 101 hours.  Total hours: 793

Tamara Akau, registered Adult Girl Scout and Adult Volunteer also received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for completing 100 hours of community service.  The majority of her hours were earned as a Prime Time Mentor at Betz Elementary School in Cheney, Washington where she attends college.


Congratulations girls!  We are so very proud of all of you!



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