Backpack Brigade Service Project

Our troop decided to joint the Backpack Brigade!  We signed up to have 5 of our girls provide one backpack with supplies per the provided school supply lists for 5 children in need on our island of Kauai.


We were assigned 5 children and started the project on July 4th.  Troop leader Teresa and troop volunteer Tamara went to Walmart and purchased $358.72 worth of supplies using troop funds which were raised through the 2016 cookie sales proceeds.  Not all supplies were picked-up that day so they intended on going back at a later time.


However, some of our Girl Scouts and their families decided to purchase supplies on their own to contribute to the cause.  Note that not all of them have photos that will be displayed here.  So just because they don’t have photos, it doesn’t mean they didn’t contribute, okay? 🙂

Alexis did some shopping…

and this is what she provided…


And Jayda did some shopping, providing this…


We then met at our troop leaders home on Friday, July 15th to sort and organize all the supplies for each child.  Unfortunately, Aleah was unable to be with us.


The whole process was an eye-opening experience.  Children sure do need ALOT of supplies to start off the school year!  And it costs ALOT!!


Yes, there was some frustration but even more so, a realization and greater appreciation to the effort that our mother’s have each had to put into preparing us for school all these past years!  Labeling everything right down to each pencil and crayon is surely a tedious thing to do!

But in the end, after a few hours of dedicated time – we had it all packed up!  $500 worth of school supplies for 5 wonderful children!


On Saturday, July 16th, Kaytlen had to run to the store one last time to pick-up a few more items that we were missing.  Then, she went over to Kukui Grove with her mom who is our troop leader and they made the donation, on behalf of all of us, at the Backpack Brigade location at the mall.


We hope these 5 kids like what they got!

Not all of us were able to join Kaytlen because Kyla had to work, Aleah was up the mountains, and the rest of us had to dance with our dance company for the back to school bash at center stage in the mall.

Uncle Dennis Fujimoto did show up to get some photos of our donation and he featured us in the Garden Island Newspaper.

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July 7 GST 823 Updates

On February 21st, Jayda and Aleah spent part of their Sunday organizing and sorting through some of their clothing to make a donation to benefit Kauai’s homeless as well as to garage sale and raise funds for their first dinner at KEO for the homeless.  This was the start of their Silver Award Project.


They made their clothing delivery to KEO on February 23rd.



Alexis worked on her Silver Award Project and was featured in the March 31st Garden Island Newspaper.





April 1st was a great day!  We received some very exciting news informing us of something we were waiting to hear about.  Kyla received this email…


Since then, Kyla has been a busy member of the Convention 2017 Girl Planning Team.  She will follow up at a later point in time with a blog post in order to tell us all about her experiences.


Alexis’ Silver Award project also included inspiring others as well as our troop to participate in the Hawaii Food Bank’s Food Drive on April 16th as well.


Kaytlen made a donation to the food drive too.



Britnee was busy with a few things as well.  She made a donation of 34 stuffed animals to the Wilcox Health Foundation to benefit young children who are admitted to the hospital on April 13th.


Britnee also sent in a $500 donation which was made in her name by the Soroptimist International of Honolulu club as a result of her Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award.

IMG_0549 IMG_8398

Additionally, Britnee donated 15 books to the Heart of America Foundation via her Gift of Aloha Book Drive.



Kaytlen, Aleah, Alexis and Jayda were all at the April 23rd American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life with their dance company.  They were all part of the RFL team and performed for the event as well.





Aleah and Jayda went shopping on April 29th for the ingredients and supplies needed in order to prepare a meal for the homeless at KEO.


May 1st was the day of Jayda and Aleah’s first feeding at the homeless shelter.  They recruited Alexis to assist them with the meal preparations.



Alexis and Kaytlen rode in the Kamehameha Day parade on June 11th in Lihue.

IMG_9556 IMG_3525


Kyla, Aleah, Alexis and Jayda attended the Cookie Captain event via webinar with Aunty Delcey on June 25th.  Aunty Teresa brought home the awards from Oahu.

Alexis, Jayda and Kaytlen began volunteering for the County of Kauai’s Summer Enrichment Program on June 13th.  This is Kaytlen’s 3rd year, Jayda’s 2nd year and Alexis’ 1st year as Junior Leaders.



Britnee made a donation of 21 used books via her Gift of Aloha Book Drive to benefit the Next Step Shelter in Kaka’ako on the island of Oahu – on June 26th.



That pretty much sums it all up for now.  However, we do have a few other things in the works but that will be saved for another time in another post 🙂




July 7 GST823 Updates/Cookie Sales Finale

It’s been almost four months since our last post; our apologies…

March 19th – Cookie Sales at Safeway in Lihue.


March 20th – Cookie Sales at Walmart in Lihue.

This was the morning shift…


This was the afternoon shift.  We all came together to complete our sales.


Not only did we join together, but so did our awesome parents.  They all came to encourage and support us in meeting our goal which we did.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a visit from a fellow Girl Scout from the mainland.


Here’s a couple photos with the wonderful people who bought the last of our boxes and helped us reach our goal!



And here we are after we had packed up all of our belongings and were ready to depart.


Group Hug!!!


We really do share a sisterly bond like no other because of what we have created together in Girl Scouts.

We would like to send out a special MAHALO! to everyone who supported us this 2016 Cookie Season!  Without your kindness and generosity, we would not have been able to meet our goal!

*A summary of our cookie sale accomplishments will follow in a separate post.