Backpack Brigade Service Project

Our troop decided to joint the Backpack Brigade!  We signed up to have 5 of our girls provide one backpack with supplies per the provided school supply lists for 5 children in need on our island of Kauai.


We were assigned 5 children and started the project on July 4th.  Troop leader Teresa and troop volunteer Tamara went to Walmart and purchased $358.72 worth of supplies using troop funds which were raised through the 2016 cookie sales proceeds.  Not all supplies were picked-up that day so they intended on going back at a later time.


However, some of our Girl Scouts and their families decided to purchase supplies on their own to contribute to the cause.  Note that not all of them have photos that will be displayed here.  So just because they don’t have photos, it doesn’t mean they didn’t contribute, okay? 🙂

Alexis did some shopping…

and this is what she provided…


And Jayda did some shopping, providing this…


We then met at our troop leaders home on Friday, July 15th to sort and organize all the supplies for each child.  Unfortunately, Aleah was unable to be with us.


The whole process was an eye-opening experience.  Children sure do need ALOT of supplies to start off the school year!  And it costs ALOT!!


Yes, there was some frustration but even more so, a realization and greater appreciation to the effort that our mother’s have each had to put into preparing us for school all these past years!  Labeling everything right down to each pencil and crayon is surely a tedious thing to do!

But in the end, after a few hours of dedicated time – we had it all packed up!  $500 worth of school supplies for 5 wonderful children!


On Saturday, July 16th, Kaytlen had to run to the store one last time to pick-up a few more items that we were missing.  Then, she went over to Kukui Grove with her mom who is our troop leader and they made the donation, on behalf of all of us, at the Backpack Brigade location at the mall.


We hope these 5 kids like what they got!

Not all of us were able to join Kaytlen because Kyla had to work, Aleah was up the mountains, and the rest of us had to dance with our dance company for the back to school bash at center stage in the mall.

Uncle Dennis Fujimoto did show up to get some photos of our donation and he featured us in the Garden Island Newspaper.

Click HERE to read one article about the Back to School Bash.

Click HERE to read the July 18th HAPPY CAMPER Article.


July 7 GST823 Updates/Cookie Sales Finale

It’s been almost four months since our last post; our apologies…

March 19th – Cookie Sales at Safeway in Lihue.


March 20th – Cookie Sales at Walmart in Lihue.

This was the morning shift…


This was the afternoon shift.  We all came together to complete our sales.


Not only did we join together, but so did our awesome parents.  They all came to encourage and support us in meeting our goal which we did.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a visit from a fellow Girl Scout from the mainland.


Here’s a couple photos with the wonderful people who bought the last of our boxes and helped us reach our goal!



And here we are after we had packed up all of our belongings and were ready to depart.


Group Hug!!!


We really do share a sisterly bond like no other because of what we have created together in Girl Scouts.

We would like to send out a special MAHALO! to everyone who supported us this 2016 Cookie Season!  Without your kindness and generosity, we would not have been able to meet our goal!

*A summary of our cookie sale accomplishments will follow in a separate post.


Mar 13 GST823 Updates

We are mid-way through our cookie booth sales month and have sold about 70% of our goal.  Here we are today (Mar 13) at Lihue Times from 9a – 3p…getting some Cookie Captain time down by mentoring Abygail and Sharayah Simao from the Boys & Girls Club After School Program.  Mahalo to Officer Nero for stopping by to support us.  We know… Girl Scout cookies are much better than donuts, right?!



Yesterday, Saturday – March 12th, we were at the Kapaa Safeway from 11a – 2p.  Got in some Cookie Captain time too with little Gabby girl and Karsley!


Did you know that March 12th was Girl Scouts Birthday?!!


And the week prior, was National Girl Scout week?

GS Week 2016

Thursday, March 6th, Britnee helped out at the Boys & Girls Club Ohana Night as a Cookie Captain from .  No photo was taken.

Last Sunday, March 6th – our Senior Girls, Britnee & Kaytlen worked at Lihue Times 3 – 6p; earning some Cookie Captain time with Miss. Gabby.  JoAnn Yukimura stopped by and supported our troop by purchasing a couple boxes.


Last Saturday, March 5th – our Cadette Girl Scouts worked at Lihue Times 9a – 3p


Jayda also donated some canned goods to Alexis’ Food Drive service project.


Friday, March 5th – Kyla and Britnee worked a booth in Hanamaulu from 4-6p earning Cookie Captain hours.  No photo was taken.

Sunday, February 28th – we worked at Lihue Longs 3 – 6p and had two tables set-up.



Kaytlen and Britnee donated 1 rice bag each to Alexis’ Food Drive service project.



And our first day of cookie sales – Saturday, February 27th – we were at Kmart 9a-3p.


Last but not least,

our Kajukenbo class #6 – the final class of the session was held on Thursday, March 10th.  The girls were tested on what they have learned thus far and received their certificates.  Congratulations!!




Congratulations In Order

February has been a month of Good News for a few members of our troop:

Jayda Wakilina was selected for state-level recognition in the 2016 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program.  In a letter dated February 9th, she was informed that they were impressed with her commitment and energy she displayed in her volunteer activities and would be receiving the President’s Volunteer Service Award certificate and letter from President Barack Obama.

Congratulations Jayda!

Britnee Akau was selected to receive a Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award from the Soroptimist International of Honolulu.  She will be presented with a $500 cash award in recognition of her commitment in making the community and world a better place through her leadership and volunteer efforts.  The award presentation will take place on Saturday, March 26th on Oahu.

Britnee Akau was selected to receive an engraved bronze Distinguished Finalist medal in the 2016 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program.  In a letter dated February 5th, she was informed that she was chosen by state-level judges as one of the top Hawaii runners-up in this years’ program.  It’s a great honor for her, her school and her community.  She’s an exemplary role model for her peers.  Her medal will be presented to her at a later date.  She was also informed that she would be receiving the President’s Volunteer Service Award certificate and letter from President Barack Obama.  Additionally, she’s been invited by the Hawaii State Legislature to participate in Education Week 2016 at the Hawaii State Capitol.  Floor presentations to honor her and the other awardees will take place on March 21st on Oahu.  CLICK HERE for more information.    CLICK HERE to read the National Press Release.  CLICK HERE to read the State Press Release on Business Wire.  CLICK HERE to read Girl Scouts of Hawaii Blog post about Britnee’s award.

Congratulations Britnee!


Kyla Koerte was nominated to be one of twenty Girl Scouts of the Girl Planning Team for the National Council Session and Convention 2017.  “The Girl Planning Team will be an integral part of the planning and implementation of all aspects of the National Council Session and Convention. From May 2016 until October 2017, this group of 20 young women from across the Girl Scouting Movement will help design the experience for older Girl Scouts at Convention, and provide input and feedback on areas such as: activities, panel presentations, discussion sessions, special events, marketing Convention, and more. At the 2017 Convention in Columbus, they will serve as part of the Convention team that is leading the implementation of the event.”  If selected, she will travel to the mainland three times – to Ohio in July 2016, to New York in July 2017, and lastly to Ohio in October 2017.  Convention will take place on October 4 through 8, 2017.  For more information on the convention, CLICK HERE.

Congratulations Kyla!  We anxiously wait to hear the results!

And lastly….

Kyla Koerte and Kaytlen Akau both received letters form Wigs For Kids thanking them for their hair piece contributions.

Kaytlen Akau received a letter from Pantene Beautiful Lengths thanking her for her hair piece contribution.

We are very proud of the accomplishments of our Girl Scouts and look forward to many more opportunities for all of them like this!!  There are many more exciting opportunities to come!

Feb 28th GST823 Updates

Our last meeting was held on February 21st.  Here are a few things that were accomplished:

1 – Kyla completed her My Promise, My Faith Award which helps us explore how Girl Scouting and your faith offer similar ideas about how to act – and how Girl Scouting can tie into your faith. This is a pin that can be earned once a year for every year we are in Girl Scouts. All we have to do is choose a different line of the Law each year.


Kaytlen, Aleah and Jayda previously completed the five steps and earned their pins.  Alexis is working on hers at home.


2 – Aleah & Jayda completed their Trailblazing Badge which extended from our night hike up the Sleeping Giant.  It was a physically challenging team-building exercise overall.  The girls brought snacks which they ate when we reached our destination at the top.  The practiced navigating using the Sky Map on their cell phones.  They also identified as many constellations as they could in the night sky.  Of course, Sky Map made it a very easy process.  The girls talked about the stories behind the stars from Greek mythology – Orions Belt = 3 kinds/3 sisters.  And we learned that Aleah is obsessed with Greek Mythology!


In addition, both girls began working on their Night Owl Badge which will be completed at a later point in time.


3 – Our Cadettes – Jayda, Aleah and Alexis finished putting the plans together for their Brownie Girl Scouts Dance Workshop which will take place on Sunday, April 17th from 1 to 3pm at Aloha Dance Studio.  This workshop will enable the three girls to earn their LiA Award while the Brownies will earn their Dancer Badge.

Brownie Girl Scouts may register for this workshop by CLICKING HERE.  Cost is $7 which is due by April 1st.

4 – Our Seniors – Kyla, Kaytlen and Britnee finished putting the plans together for their Sisterhood Movie Night which will take place on Thursday, March 17th at Lihue Hongwanji from 5 to 8pm.

Kauai Girl Scouts may register for this event by CLICKING HERE.  Cost is $10 which is due by March

Kajukenbo Classes.  Class #5 was held on February 18th.  Jayda, Aleah and Alexis attended.


Because of our cookie arrival, we had to put off our 6th Kajukenbo class.  Girls need to complete 6 classes in order to complete their badge.  More info to follow…

Cookie Arrival was on February 25th –  Pickup was at the Veterans Center in Lihue.  Our cookie captains worked hard at loading up all their cookies to take home and sell.


2016 Cookie Season Begins

Today – Saturday, February 27th – was our first day of Girl Scout Booth Sales.  Our troop goal is to sell 1, 656 boxes of cookies that will provide us with proceeds to help us take action in our community, fund our troop learning activities, supplies and awards.  It will also partly fund an exploration trip of a minimum of 5 days and 4 nights – somewhere completely opposite of what us Kauai Island girls are use to.

As of this first day of booth sales, we have sold only 7% of our troop goal.  However minimal it may seem, it was a very productive day of team work.  We were stationed at Kmart in Lihue from 9am to 3pm.  Here is our photo of the day:


If you haven’t gotten your Girl Scout cookie fix yet, or maybe need more, come visit us at Lihue Longs tomorrow – Sunday, February 28th – from 3 to 6pm.  We have lots more cookies in our inventory to sell!


2016 Silver Award Projects in Progress

09905pOur troop has three Cadette’s currently working on their Silver Awards – the highest award that a Cadette can earn.  The project itself is meant to “make the world a better place”.  Cadette’s need to also plan for sustainability in their projects.  They also have to measure the project impact on their community – knowing their goals, target audience, and developing success indicators.  Projects of this nature require different lengths of time from start to finish, however it is suggested that each Silver Award project include a minimum of 50 hours to complete.  Keep in mind that quality is more important that quantity.

To learn more about the girls projects, you may visit their website/blogs to find out more information.  You may also follow along with their projects by electing to follow their blogs via email by clicking on the option on their sites.

Food DriveAlexis is working on her project by herself.  She’s named her project “The Hunger Helper by Alexis”.  She will be organizing a Community Food Drive to benefit the Hawaii Foodbank.  CLICK HERE to view her blog.  Yes, this project is sustainable as she looks forward to doing the same every year especially being that she has helped with food drives as such from when she was a young child.

imagesAleah and Jayda are working on their project together.  They’ve named the project “Aleah and Jayda Take Action”.  They will be feeding the homeless at Kauai Economic Opportunity’s Homeless Emergency Shelter named Mana’olana.  CLICK HERE to view their blog.  You may also CLICK HERE to make a donation via their GoFundMe site.  Yes, this project is sustainable as they look forward to doing it annually, in addition to hoping to inspire other individuals and organizations to do the same.

If you or someone you know would like to support these girls by making a donation, feel free to contact us and we will help you make that connection!  Thank You!

Self Defense & Visitors

January 28th – Kajukenbo Class #3:


We had a couple visiting Girl Scouts from the State of Washington!  The Woodward girls – Junior Girl Scout from Troop #41873 and Brownie Girl Scout from Troop #41576


They joined us in our class, learned some new techniques and had some fun!  We also swapped council fun patches.  And, they picked up the Aloha Patch Kit to work on so they can earn the Aloha Pumehana patch.  We hope they enjoyed their time on our beautiful island <3.  Maybe we will see them again next year?


Our Adventurous Hike

On January 22nd, for the first time ever, we went for a night hike on Nonou Trail, also known as the Sleeping Giant.  According to what we were told, the giant disrupted the town and was sung a lullaby to fall asleep; he could only be awaken by the one who sung the lullaby.

There was about 15 of us who engaged in the experience.  Since we hiked up the steep side, it was a challenge for some of us who are not as fit as others and for some of us who have asthma as well.  We stuck together, looked out for one another and took breaks along the way until we made it to the pavilion and accomplished our goal.

Prior to the hike, we discussed and prepared for what we would need on the hike.  We packed up normal hiking supplies; water, shoes, a first-aid kit, snack bars, headlights and flashlights.  We also planned our service to the great out-doors with the “Leave No Trace” principals… We protected and respected our surroundings.  As we stopped for snacks at the top of the trail, we collected any and all trash made by us including a few pieces left behind by other hikers in order to discard the trash properly.  We also didn’t pick any branches, trees or fruit on this hike to show respect for nature.

We had a great time with our fellow Girl Scouts, parents, friends and even a Boy Scout as well.  Here are some photos we took in order to capture our adventure and preserve our memories…

Three of us Seniors earned the Adventurer Badge:

Adventurer Badge

More information will follow on what two of our Cadettes’ earned.