Cookie Rally Mahalo

On Thursday, January 7th, we held our first ever Cookie Rally.  It was successful all thanks to Aunty Shereen Ho’opi’i and our leader Aunty Teresa Caires.

At sign-in, they were given a punch cookie card and a water bottle.


Then we, the Cookie Captains of Troop 823, taught the group a “rah rah cheer” as Aunty Shereen calls it.  Kyla and Kaytlen made it up using the Pop See Ko song as inspiration.


We had about 25 girls from Troops 1001, 988, 849 and 1049.  The girls had an opportunity to learn from and do an activity at 6 skills stations/booths:

1) Goal Setting with Kyla,


2) People Skills, Awards, and Incentives with Kaytlen,


3) Decision Making with Aleah,


4) Business Ethics with Jayda,


5) Money Management with Alexis,


and 6) Safety with Britnee.


They also tasted ice cream sandwiches made with Girl Scout cookies thanks to the donation by Lauren Sugihara’s troop.


At the close of the night, the girls all filled out a survey to provide us with feedback and got their certificate, fun patches and pencils.


We also did our “rah rah cheer” again.  Click HERE to view our video on YouTube.
We are sorry the beginning part was cut off a little.


We’d also like to say Thank You to our leader Teresa Caires for taking the photos and video of our rally as well as Thank You to Uncle Dennis Fujimoto for mentioning us in his January 10th Happy Camper article in the Garden Island Newspaper.

Thank You again everyone for helping to make our first cookie rally a success!  We really appreciate it!!  Can’t wait to sell our cookies, sell sell our cookies!!!

**Click here to meet Girl Scout Barbie Doll Teresa**

GST823 Updates

Here are a couple updates…

1 – Cookie Rally/Cookie Captains:

This afternoon, our girls met with Aunty Shereen at the Girl Scouts office from 4:30 – 6:00p preparing for tomorrow nights Cookie Rally.  Kyla then went shopping with Aunty Teresa for the necessary supplies.  All girls should be finalizing preparations tonight, meeting at the Rally location tomorrow at 5p.  Registration begins at 5:45.  The Rally will be from 6-8pm.


2 – Kajukenbo “Make Your Own” Badge:

Registration for the Kajukenbo self-defense classes is open to all Girl Scouts on the Island of Kauai effective today.  CLICK HERE for the link to register.


Our troop has been registered to attend this session of 6 classes which will earn them their Kajukenbo or “Make Your Own” Badge.

Classes will be held Thursdays: Jan 14, 21, and 28 & Feb 4, 11 and 18.  From 6-7 pm at the Niumalu Canoe Clubhouse.  It’s FREE.  Girls are to wear a Girl Scouts T-shirt to every class and comfortable bottoms (no jeans shorts or pants).  Bring with you a smile and a positive attitude!

At the end of the session, the instructor will sign-off as the advisor and they will proceed to step 5 of making their own badge to completion.

3 – Cookie Captains:

If you complete 20 hours of cookie related service you will earn a Cookie Captain t-shirt, patch, 2016 cookie pin and certificate of completion.

Our 2016 Cookie Rally

Our Cookie Rally for East Kauai will be held on Thursday, January 7th at Lihue Hongwanji in Kapaia.  Check-in is set for 5:45pm and the event will be from 6 to 8pm. Cost is $7 per girl; payment to be collected at the door.  Click HERE to register and save your spot for the event.  Troop 823 looks forward to rallying with you!!