Self Defense & Visitors

January 28th – Kajukenbo Class #3:


We had a couple visiting Girl Scouts from the State of Washington!  The Woodward girls – Junior Girl Scout from Troop #41873 and Brownie Girl Scout from Troop #41576


They joined us in our class, learned some new techniques and had some fun!  We also swapped council fun patches.  And, they picked up the Aloha Patch Kit to work on so they can earn the Aloha Pumehana patch.  We hope they enjoyed their time on our beautiful island <3.  Maybe we will see them again next year?


Our Adventurous Hike

On January 22nd, for the first time ever, we went for a night hike on Nonou Trail, also known as the Sleeping Giant.  According to what we were told, the giant disrupted the town and was sung a lullaby to fall asleep; he could only be awaken by the one who sung the lullaby.

There was about 15 of us who engaged in the experience.  Since we hiked up the steep side, it was a challenge for some of us who are not as fit as others and for some of us who have asthma as well.  We stuck together, looked out for one another and took breaks along the way until we made it to the pavilion and accomplished our goal.

Prior to the hike, we discussed and prepared for what we would need on the hike.  We packed up normal hiking supplies; water, shoes, a first-aid kit, snack bars, headlights and flashlights.  We also planned our service to the great out-doors with the “Leave No Trace” principals… We protected and respected our surroundings.  As we stopped for snacks at the top of the trail, we collected any and all trash made by us including a few pieces left behind by other hikers in order to discard the trash properly.  We also didn’t pick any branches, trees or fruit on this hike to show respect for nature.

We had a great time with our fellow Girl Scouts, parents, friends and even a Boy Scout as well.  Here are some photos we took in order to capture our adventure and preserve our memories…

Three of us Seniors earned the Adventurer Badge:

Adventurer Badge

More information will follow on what two of our Cadettes’ earned.

Jan 24th GST823 Updates

January is quickly coming to an end but it’s been a great month of activities for our troop. We had two troop meetings – on the 3rd and the 17th, we had our Cookie Rally on the 7th, we started our Kajukenbo classes to earn our “Make Your Own” Kajukenbo Badge on the 14th and the 21st (upcoming on the 28th), our Seniors started volunteering their time at the Girl Scouts afternoon program on the 14th and the 21st (upcoming on the 28th), and we took a night hike as part of one of the steps to earn a badge on the 22nd.  In addition, we received notice that three of us will be receiving our Silver Award as the applications have just been approved.

Kajukenbo Class #1:


Class #2:  Thank you to Aunty Kehau Durant for giving us this opportunity!


Kyla (on left) and Kaytlen (on right) have been volunteering their time on Thursday afternoons with the Girl Scouts after school program at the Girls & Boys Club in Lihue.  Britnee is too but she wasn’t there on the 21st when this photo was taken.


And lastly, our troop took a night hike up the Sleeping Giant on Friday, Jan 22nd.  What an adventure it was!  Thank you to Aunty Delcey for organizing the hike and leading it… Thank you to the parents who came along for the experience…  Thank you to Aunty Donna  Olivas-Kaohi for joining us…  And Thank you to Uncle Randy for coming along to escort us and ensure the groups overall safety.  We really appreciate it and enjoyed the experience.  More information on our hike and badge earned will follow.


Cookie Rally Mahalo

On Thursday, January 7th, we held our first ever Cookie Rally.  It was successful all thanks to Aunty Shereen Ho’opi’i and our leader Aunty Teresa Caires.

At sign-in, they were given a punch cookie card and a water bottle.


Then we, the Cookie Captains of Troop 823, taught the group a “rah rah cheer” as Aunty Shereen calls it.  Kyla and Kaytlen made it up using the Pop See Ko song as inspiration.


We had about 25 girls from Troops 1001, 988, 849 and 1049.  The girls had an opportunity to learn from and do an activity at 6 skills stations/booths:

1) Goal Setting with Kyla,


2) People Skills, Awards, and Incentives with Kaytlen,


3) Decision Making with Aleah,


4) Business Ethics with Jayda,


5) Money Management with Alexis,


and 6) Safety with Britnee.


They also tasted ice cream sandwiches made with Girl Scout cookies thanks to the donation by Lauren Sugihara’s troop.


At the close of the night, the girls all filled out a survey to provide us with feedback and got their certificate, fun patches and pencils.


We also did our “rah rah cheer” again.  Click HERE to view our video on YouTube.
We are sorry the beginning part was cut off a little.


We’d also like to say Thank You to our leader Teresa Caires for taking the photos and video of our rally as well as Thank You to Uncle Dennis Fujimoto for mentioning us in his January 10th Happy Camper article in the Garden Island Newspaper.

Thank You again everyone for helping to make our first cookie rally a success!  We really appreciate it!!  Can’t wait to sell our cookies, sell sell our cookies!!!

**Click here to meet Girl Scout Barbie Doll Teresa**

GST823 Updates

Here are a couple updates…

1 – Cookie Rally/Cookie Captains:

This afternoon, our girls met with Aunty Shereen at the Girl Scouts office from 4:30 – 6:00p preparing for tomorrow nights Cookie Rally.  Kyla then went shopping with Aunty Teresa for the necessary supplies.  All girls should be finalizing preparations tonight, meeting at the Rally location tomorrow at 5p.  Registration begins at 5:45.  The Rally will be from 6-8pm.


2 – Kajukenbo “Make Your Own” Badge:

Registration for the Kajukenbo self-defense classes is open to all Girl Scouts on the Island of Kauai effective today.  CLICK HERE for the link to register.


Our troop has been registered to attend this session of 6 classes which will earn them their Kajukenbo or “Make Your Own” Badge.

Classes will be held Thursdays: Jan 14, 21, and 28 & Feb 4, 11 and 18.  From 6-7 pm at the Niumalu Canoe Clubhouse.  It’s FREE.  Girls are to wear a Girl Scouts T-shirt to every class and comfortable bottoms (no jeans shorts or pants).  Bring with you a smile and a positive attitude!

At the end of the session, the instructor will sign-off as the advisor and they will proceed to step 5 of making their own badge to completion.

3 – Cookie Captains:

If you complete 20 hours of cookie related service you will earn a Cookie Captain t-shirt, patch, 2016 cookie pin and certificate of completion.

1st Troop Meeting of 2016

Our first troop meeting of 2016 was held today, January 3rd.  In attendance were Aleah, Jayda and Kaytlen.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We discussed implementing a more formal approach to troop meetings that will be scheduled with an agenda ahead of time in order to accomplish goals more effectively.  The agenda will consist of an opening, troop business, activities, and a closing.

**We talked about the Pledge of Allegiance, Girl Scout Promise and Law.

**Next, we discussed our order of business.

  • Troop government =  Girl Scouts use democratic ways meaning that everyone has an opportunity to say what she would like to do however votes are cast and majority rules.  Everyone in the troop works together with making activities happen.  It was decided that we will proceed with an “Executive Board” form of government.  Each will take turns being troop officers.

The following officers will proceed till the end of the Girl Scout year which ends on September 30, 2016:

President = Kyla Koerte
Vice President = Kaytlen Akau
Secretary = Aleah Yano
Treasurer = Jayda Wakilina

Awards Committee Chair = TBA
Cookie Committee Chair = TBA
Community Service Committee Chair = TBA

What does the President (Kyla) do?  She LEADS discussions at troop meetings.  She tells the girls what the topic is, listens to the ideas, makes sure everyone has an opportunity to say what they think, and keeps the discussion on track.  She represents or speaks for the troop at Executive Board meetings.  She makes an agenda for each meeting and leads the troop business or planning meeting using the agenda.  She helps the troop organize to get jobs done and welcomes new girls to the troop helping them learn about being a Girl Scout unless she assigns that task to someone else.

What does the Vice President (Kaytlen) do?  She HELPS the President at troop meetings and fills in for the President if and when she is not present.  The President may delegate some of her job to the VP like having the VP be in charge of making announcements, etc.

What does the Secretary (Aleah) do?  She is a NOTE-TAKER and a LETTER-WRITER.  At the Executive Board meeting, she records ideas shared and decisions made.  She keeps a record of what each member reports and a record of what each committee’s job will be during the troop activities.  If anyone has a question, the Secretary should have a record in her notes.  She has a special notebook to use for this.  If the troop needs to send out a thank you note or write a letter, etc, the Secretary writes it.  She also makes record of who will do what.

What does the Treasurer (Jayda) do?  She RECORDS the money.  She collects the troop dues and keeps record of who has paid and who owes the troop money.  She adds up the dues collected and records it for the troop leader and reports to the Executive Board how much money is in the troop’s bank account.  The Treasurer is also the money planner.  She helps by making a budget or planning how to spend the money, keeping track of activities including cookie sale program finances.

What do the Committee Chairs do?  They are responsible for assigned committees which are tasked to do certain specific jobs.

  • Dues were talked about but not collected.  Everyone, please pay dues for this meeting at your next opportunity.  Thank you!
  • We talked a bit about our upcoming Cookie Rally on Thursday.  We need to meet before Thursday with Kyla present in order to be sure we have everything set in time.  We also need to be there early.  Here is the registration link that has been set up for the event so we have a head count of how many people to expect.  Also, we reiterated our per girl goal of 150 boxes this year.  This should bring in about $720 of cookie proceeds.
  • Goals = We need to prepare a calendar for the remaining portion of this GS year.  Until then, an ical has been set up and the link has been shared with all girls and parents in our troop.  If you have not activated the link, please do so so that you have access to the calendar on your phone.  If you have not received the link, please request it from our troop leader.  In addition, emails have been sent out inviting all girls and parents to follow our blog.  This is so that every time a post is made, an email is automatically sent out to you so that you can read what was posted without having to go directly to the website to find out.  We also decided that we need to re-take our photos in uniform to replace those already posted on our “About Us” page.

Next up, we went over our Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and looked at the different awards that we have earned and the others which we may earn.  We talked about being able to do it on our own as well as a group with the troop.  Both options are available to each of us.  We then worked on an award:

The My Promise, My Faith Award which helps us explore how Girl Scouting and your faith offer similar ideas about how to act – and how Girl Scouting can tie into your faith.  This is a pin that can be earned once a year for every year we are in Girl Scouts.  All we have to do is choose a different line of the Law each year.  We each, Kaytlen, Aleah and Jayda, completed five steps and earned the pin.  For those who weren’t present with us today, you may still earn this award.  We have the paperwork for you to do and can assist you at the next meeting unless you would prefer to work on it on your own ahead of time.

This is the Senior Pin Kaytlen earned today:


This is the Cadette Pin Jayda and Aleah earned today:


We did not work on our Journey books today as we prefer to work on it together as a troop.

Finally, we closed our meeting by cleaning up.

Next official troop meeting will be on Sunday, January 17th at 1pm.
Don’t forget we have our self defense classes coming up which starts on Thursday, January 14th!

Our 2016 Cookie Rally

Our Cookie Rally for East Kauai will be held on Thursday, January 7th at Lihue Hongwanji in Kapaia.  Check-in is set for 5:45pm and the event will be from 6 to 8pm. Cost is $7 per girl; payment to be collected at the door.  Click HERE to register and save your spot for the event.  Troop 823 looks forward to rallying with you!!


A New Journey – Happy New Year 2016


With a new year comes new goals.  One of our troop goals is to complete our second Journey as Girl Scouts.  From the series It’s Your Story – Tell It!, our Senior girls (Kyla, Kaytlen and Britnee) will be working on Mission:  Sisterhood! while our Cadette girls (Aleah, Jayda, and Alexis) will be working on MEdia.

Mission: Sisterhood! – On this Journey, Seniors learn about the powerful benefits of sisterhood and the ways to nurture healthy friendships. They may invite a women’s shelter counselor to talk about her work, role-play friendship scenarios to explore trust in relationships, or create a collage about what sisterhood means to them. Then they team up to focus on a sisterhood issue they care about. They might organize a school film club that focuses on positive movies about women, help younger girls expand their friendship circles, or host a mixer where girls can meet, share stories, and make connections. Girls can earn one award that recognizes what they learned about the power of sisterhood in their own lives and how they helped nurture sisterhood in the world.”

Award to be earned on the Mission: Sisterhood journey is:

  • Sisterhood Award (pin and patch)

Skill-Building Badge Sets (Associated National Proficiency Badges) associated with this journey are:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Game Visionary
  • Social Innovator
  • Traveler
  • Voice For Animals

Media – On this Journey, Cadettes explore the media they love, including movies, TV shows, and music, and how to reshape negative media messages into more positive ones. They may invite a TV show producer to talk about what influences her work, organize a movie night and discuss the film’s messages, or write a rap song or TV script. Then they team up to do a project that encourages positive messages in media. They might rewrite a rap song that has hurtful lyrics about women, create a blog that reviews how movies and TV shows depict girls in a negative way, or start a Twitter campaign responding to stereotypes they see in all forms of media. Girls can earn three awards that recognize what they’ve learned about negative stereotypes and how they made their voices heard by reshaping and responding to media.”

Badges to be earned on the MEdia journey are:

  • Monitor Award
  • Influence Award
  • Cultivate Award
  • LiA (Leader In Action)

Skill-Building Badge Sets (Associated National Proficiency Badges) associated with this journey are:

  • Night Owl
  • Animal Helpers
  • Field Day
  • Entrepreneur
  • Netiquette

To some, this may look like a lot of work.  But to your this troop leader here, I look at it as a lot of fun!  I look forward to the many opportunities that I have to learn along side of my girls and I look forward to recording and sharing our journey here on our website this year!

Happy New Year!!!

First Aid Legacy Badge

December 30th brought forth a new opportunity for our Girl Scouts.  Tito Villanueva, the Kauai AMR Operations Manager, taught a first aid/cpr certification class to 5 registered Girl Scouts:  Kaytlen, Alexis and Aleah; along with Tamara (Troop 823’s Adult Volunteer) and Aaliyah Nero.  This class helped 4 girls fulfill some of the requirements, if not all, for their First Aid Legacy Badge.

Uncle/Officer Randall Nero (Daddy to Aaliyah) assisted Tito and took photos throughout the class.  Tamara was in charge of the group while she learned along side the other girls too.

Aleah and Alexis, both Cadette Girl Scouts, fulfilled the 5 steps as follows:
1 – They now understand how to care for younger children after having asked a medical professional.
2 – They know how to use everything in a first aid kit after taking the first aid course and asking an EMT.
3 – They learned how to prevent serious outdoor injuries after having a chance to ask a first aider/EMT.
4 – They know the signs of shock and how to treat it after having asked an EMT.
5 – They learned to prevent and treat injuries due to weather… how to recognize the signs of heat- or cold-related injuries, how they can care for minor cases and  how to know when to call for help.

Congratulations Aleah and Alexis!

Kaytlen, a Senior Girl Scout, fulfilled the 5 steps as follows:
1 – She found out how to perform triage when several people are injured by taking this first aid course.
2 – She learned how to help a head or neck injury by taking this first aid course.
3 – She learned how to use every day objects to make splints by asking an expert/EMT.
4 – She learned to recognize the signs of drug overdose and alcohol poisoning by speaking with an EMT.
and lastly…
5 – Her take-away from this course in regards to drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning is to ensure the person goes on their side when they have passed out so they can breath easier and not die.

Congratulations Kaytlen!

Aaliyah Nero, a Junior Girl Scout, fulfilled step 4 by taking this first aid class.  She’s working with her dad on completing the other requirements for her badge.


We’d like to thank Uncle Tito for taking the time out of his day to come and share his expert knowledge with us.  We truly appreciate it.

We also thank Uncle Randy for assisting with the class and Tamara for volunteering to be in charge of our group in the absence of our troop leader (9a – 12noon).