Our Adventurous Hike

On January 22nd, for the first time ever, we went for a night hike on Nonou Trail, also known as the Sleeping Giant.  According to what we were told, the giant disrupted the town and was sung a lullaby to fall asleep; he could only be awaken by the one who sung the lullaby.

There was about 15 of us who engaged in the experience.  Since we hiked up the steep side, it was a challenge for some of us who are not as fit as others and for some of us who have asthma as well.  We stuck together, looked out for one another and took breaks along the way until we made it to the pavilion and accomplished our goal.

Prior to the hike, we discussed and prepared for what we would need on the hike.  We packed up normal hiking supplies; water, shoes, a first-aid kit, snack bars, headlights and flashlights.  We also planned our service to the great out-doors with the “Leave No Trace” principals… We protected and respected our surroundings.  As we stopped for snacks at the top of the trail, we collected any and all trash made by us including a few pieces left behind by other hikers in order to discard the trash properly.  We also didn’t pick any branches, trees or fruit on this hike to show respect for nature.

We had a great time with our fellow Girl Scouts, parents, friends and even a Boy Scout as well.  Here are some photos we took in order to capture our adventure and preserve our memories…

Three of us Seniors earned the Adventurer Badge:

Adventurer Badge

More information will follow on what two of our Cadettes’ earned.