Good Samaritan’s

On Saturday, November 7th, Aleah Yano and Kaytlen Akau, went to Kauai’s Breath of Life Church in Life to join their pageant sisters in Operation Christmas Child.  They spent about 1.75 hours (2 – 3:45pm) learning about the Samaritan’s Purse cause followed by the packing of shoeboxes and writing short letters to go with it.  It was a great first-time experience from start to finish.

First, they got an empty shoebox for a girl or a boy with a label on it that specified their age group: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14.  Then they started filling the box with a variety of gifts like small toys, school supplies, personal hygiene products, socks, and a “wow” toy which is like a doll or stuffed animal.  Once the boxes were filled to the very top, they got a card and wrote a personal positive, uplifting, prayerful type message to go along with the box in hope that just maybe they might receive a return letter from the child sometime in the future.  Once done, they turned the box in, got another and started all over again.

Each box has a shipping cost of $7 in order to get the box from here to there… somewhere around the world… wherever each box is destined to be sent to make it into the hands of a child in need.

National Collection Week is the third week in November.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities, visit

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