Backpack Brigade Service Project

Our troop decided to joint the Backpack Brigade!  We signed up to have 5 of our girls provide one backpack with supplies per the provided school supply lists for 5 children in need on our island of Kauai.


We were assigned 5 children and started the project on July 4th.  Troop leader Teresa and troop volunteer Tamara went to Walmart and purchased $358.72 worth of supplies using troop funds which were raised through the 2016 cookie sales proceeds.  Not all supplies were picked-up that day so they intended on going back at a later time.


However, some of our Girl Scouts and their families decided to purchase supplies on their own to contribute to the cause.  Note that not all of them have photos that will be displayed here.  So just because they don’t have photos, it doesn’t mean they didn’t contribute, okay? 🙂

Alexis did some shopping…

and this is what she provided…


And Jayda did some shopping, providing this…


We then met at our troop leaders home on Friday, July 15th to sort and organize all the supplies for each child.  Unfortunately, Aleah was unable to be with us.


The whole process was an eye-opening experience.  Children sure do need ALOT of supplies to start off the school year!  And it costs ALOT!!


Yes, there was some frustration but even more so, a realization and greater appreciation to the effort that our mother’s have each had to put into preparing us for school all these past years!  Labeling everything right down to each pencil and crayon is surely a tedious thing to do!

But in the end, after a few hours of dedicated time – we had it all packed up!  $500 worth of school supplies for 5 wonderful children!


On Saturday, July 16th, Kaytlen had to run to the store one last time to pick-up a few more items that we were missing.  Then, she went over to Kukui Grove with her mom who is our troop leader and they made the donation, on behalf of all of us, at the Backpack Brigade location at the mall.


We hope these 5 kids like what they got!

Not all of us were able to join Kaytlen because Kyla had to work, Aleah was up the mountains, and the rest of us had to dance with our dance company for the back to school bash at center stage in the mall.

Uncle Dennis Fujimoto did show up to get some photos of our donation and he featured us in the Garden Island Newspaper.

Click HERE to read one article about the Back to School Bash.

Click HERE to read the July 18th HAPPY CAMPER Article.


2016 Silver Award Projects in Progress

09905pOur troop has three Cadette’s currently working on their Silver Awards – the highest award that a Cadette can earn.  The project itself is meant to “make the world a better place”.  Cadette’s need to also plan for sustainability in their projects.  They also have to measure the project impact on their community – knowing their goals, target audience, and developing success indicators.  Projects of this nature require different lengths of time from start to finish, however it is suggested that each Silver Award project include a minimum of 50 hours to complete.  Keep in mind that quality is more important that quantity.

To learn more about the girls projects, you may visit their website/blogs to find out more information.  You may also follow along with their projects by electing to follow their blogs via email by clicking on the option on their sites.

Food DriveAlexis is working on her project by herself.  She’s named her project “The Hunger Helper by Alexis”.  She will be organizing a Community Food Drive to benefit the Hawaii Foodbank.  CLICK HERE to view her blog.  Yes, this project is sustainable as she looks forward to doing the same every year especially being that she has helped with food drives as such from when she was a young child.

imagesAleah and Jayda are working on their project together.  They’ve named the project “Aleah and Jayda Take Action”.  They will be feeding the homeless at Kauai Economic Opportunity’s Homeless Emergency Shelter named Mana’olana.  CLICK HERE to view their blog.  You may also CLICK HERE to make a donation via their GoFundMe site.  Yes, this project is sustainable as they look forward to doing it annually, in addition to hoping to inspire other individuals and organizations to do the same.

If you or someone you know would like to support these girls by making a donation, feel free to contact us and we will help you make that connection!  Thank You!

Jan 24th GST823 Updates

January is quickly coming to an end but it’s been a great month of activities for our troop. We had two troop meetings – on the 3rd and the 17th, we had our Cookie Rally on the 7th, we started our Kajukenbo classes to earn our “Make Your Own” Kajukenbo Badge on the 14th and the 21st (upcoming on the 28th), our Seniors started volunteering their time at the Girl Scouts afternoon program on the 14th and the 21st (upcoming on the 28th), and we took a night hike as part of one of the steps to earn a badge on the 22nd.  In addition, we received notice that three of us will be receiving our Silver Award as the applications have just been approved.

Kajukenbo Class #1:


Class #2:  Thank you to Aunty Kehau Durant for giving us this opportunity!


Kyla (on left) and Kaytlen (on right) have been volunteering their time on Thursday afternoons with the Girl Scouts after school program at the Girls & Boys Club in Lihue.  Britnee is too but she wasn’t there on the 21st when this photo was taken.


And lastly, our troop took a night hike up the Sleeping Giant on Friday, Jan 22nd.  What an adventure it was!  Thank you to Aunty Delcey for organizing the hike and leading it… Thank you to the parents who came along for the experience…  Thank you to Aunty Donna  Olivas-Kaohi for joining us…  And Thank you to Uncle Randy for coming along to escort us and ensure the groups overall safety.  We really appreciate it and enjoyed the experience.  More information on our hike and badge earned will follow.


Time For A Change

There are two girls in our troop who felt it was time for a change…  After having long hair for a long time and loving every inch of it’s new growth, both Kaytlen and Kyla decided to have their hair cut.  Since their hair was long enough to provide for a lengthy donation, they went short.

On December 18, 2015, Kaytlen made her appointment and went for it.  This is her before and after photos:


Kaytlen decided to donate her hair to two organizations.  The shorter cuttings of her hair, with a minimum length of 8 inches, went to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  The longer cuttings, with a minimum length of 12 inches, went to Wigs for Kids.  In addition, Kaytlen made a $20 cash donation to Wigs for Kids as well.  Her donation was made in honor of 11 year old Chandler Boyd in her fight against cancer.

On December 26, 2015, Kyla went in for her hair cut.  This is her before and after photos as well as the cutting of her hair:


Kyla decided to donate her hair to Wigs for Kids too.

Wigs for Kids has been helping children who suffer from hair loss since 1980.  

The awesome part about Wigs for Kids is that they have partnered with Girl Scouts in raising awareness about this need providing an opportunity for people to learn about hair loss illnesses and make a difference by making donations.  

Girl Scouts can earn the Wigs for Kids patch by completing one or more of the following:


1- Donate hair of 12″ or more
2- Run a cut-a-thon
3- Encourage salon sign-ups
4- Open & wrap hair donations
5- Creatively encourage awareness to the Wigs for Kids program assisting with fundraising in support of our children in need.

More information can be found by visiting the Wigs for Kids Girl Scout Donation Program webpage.

Our Girl Scout Troop 823, would like to encourage YOU to support Wigs for Kids today!

So Girl Scouts, if you have long hair too and are ready to make a change, join Kaytlen and Kyla in donating 12 inches of your hair to Wigs for Kids!

Thank you so much!!





2015 Awards Luncheon

Our end of year 2015 awards luncheon was held on Sunday, December 20th at JJ’s Broiler in Nawiliwili.  The girls all wore their brand new uniforms for the first time along with their sashes full of badges earned.  They were recognized for their participation in the past years cookie program in which these five girls achieved CEO status for selling over 700 boxes of cookies each.  The awards highlighted were the Silver Torch Award, Cadette Community Service Bar and the President’s Volunteer Service Award; all of which are recognitions for the many hours of community service performed in a years time.


Pictured above:  Delcey Garma (co-troop leader), Aleah Yano, Alexis Cacabelos, Jayda Wakilina, Kyla Koerte, Kaytlen Akau and Teresa Caires (troop leader).

The Silver Torch Award recognizes Cadettes who act as leaders in their communities. Requirements are 1) Complete one Cadette Leadership Journey and 2) serve one full term in a leadership position.

The Journey we worked on over the year was aMaze! from the series: It’s Your World – Change It!

Recipients are:
Aleah Yano – for her term as an Assistant Dance Teacher at ADS (2014-2015).  Alexis Cacabelos – for her term as 2014 Young Miss Hawaiian Royalty.  Kaytlen Akau – for her term as an Assistant Dance Teacher at ADS (2014-2015).  Kyla Koerte – for her term as President of GSH Troop 823 (2014-2015).  And, Britnee Akau – for her full term as 2014 Petite Miss Hawaiian Royalty.

The Cadette Community Service Bar is an award that recognizes a Cadette who has made a difference in their community and practices the values of the Girl Scout Law. It’s also a great way for them to get involved with a particular cause they care about. To earn the bar, the requirement is to choose an organization to volunteer with, be given instructions by the organization on what to do, and complete at least 20 hours of service.

Recipients are:
Aleah Yano– for her service to Aloha Dance Studio (2014 – 2015 = 39 hours approx).  Jayda Wakilina– for her service to the 2015 County of Kauai’s Summer Enrichment Program (June – July 2015 = 243 hours).  Kaytlen Akau – for her service to the 2014 and 2015 County of Kauai’s Summer Enrichment Program (June – July 2014 = 142 hours + June – July 2015 = 133.25).  Kyla Koerte– for her service to the 2015 Lihue Hongwanji Preschool Summer Program (June – July 2015 = 107.25 hours).  And, Britnee Akau – for her service to the 2014 County of Kauai’s Summer Enrichment Program (June – July 2014 = 74.75 hours)..

Bridging…  Kaytlen Akau, Britnee Akau and Kyla Koerte bridged to Senior Girl Scouts.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a Presidential recognition is a tremendous honor which sets recipients apart from their peers. Our Girl Scouts do not serve for the purpose of seeking recognition in any way.  They do because they simply want to be of service to their community and want to set a positive example for other island youth.  This award can help them in delivering a powerful message which hopefully inspires others to take action as well.  Hours have been measured over the 12-month period of July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.  The awards are designated based upon age, service hours and in multiple levels designed to recognize each milestone of service achievement.  As recipients of the award, these girls have received a personalized certificate, a medallion and a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States.

Recipients are:
Aleah Yano– 90.75 hours, Alexis Cacabelos– 82.25 hours, Jayda Wakilina– 165.5 hours, Kaytlen Akau– 285.25 hours, Kyla Koerte – 68.25 hours, and Britnee Akau – 101 hours.  Total hours: 793

Tamara Akau, registered Adult Girl Scout and Adult Volunteer also received the President’s Volunteer Service Award for completing 100 hours of community service.  The majority of her hours were earned as a Prime Time Mentor at Betz Elementary School in Cheney, Washington where she attends college.


Congratulations girls!  We are so very proud of all of you!



Mahelona Long Term Care

On Wednesday, December 16th, Kaytlen and Kyla, both Senior Girl Scouts joined their troop leader and other staff from Kauai’s Agency On Elderly Affairs to deliver boxes of donated goods to the residents of Mahelona Hospital’s Long Term Care.

The gift wrapped box being carried by Kaytlen and Kyla in the photo below, hold the $100 worth of goods previously purchased by the troop.


The girls assisted with rolling the boxes of goodies in where distribution would take place.


Here they are with some of the staff of Mahelona as well…


Here is a glimpse of the residents who were present…


Uncle Dennis Fujimoto also stopped by to take some photos for the newspaper.  We were mentioned in his Happy Camper article on Friday, December 18th.


We were also included in his article on Saturday, December 19th.  If you would like to read it… CLICK HERE.



Service Saturday

Boy was the morning of Saturday, December 5th a busy one!  Troop 823’s girls were off and running to do some good deeds in service of their community.

First of all, Aleah, Kaytlen, Jayda and Alexis headed to Gaylord’s at Kilohana where they performed at 8:30am with Aloha Dance Studio at the 4th annual Breakfast With Santa where all proceeds benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kauai.


Kyla headed straight to Walmart at 8am to man the Toys For Tots garden entrance booth along with troop 849 until the rest of her GS sisters arrived following their performance.  These girls were there till 11am…


In addition, the girls busied themselves with shopping for two causes.  Out of their troop funds, generated by 2015 cookie sales, they purchased $100 worth of toys and combined it with purchases some of them made with their families in order to donate over $100 worth of toys to Toys For Tots.


Again, out of their troop funds, they made another purchase of over $100 of various gift items, to be donated to Mahelona Hospital’s Long Term Care residents.