Lights On Rice Parade 2015

On Friday, December 4th, the annual Lights On Rice Parade was held on Rice Street.  This year, four of our troops girls took part in the parade.  Aleah and Kaytlen rode on the float with all of their pageant sisters.


Jayda marched with the Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle Schools band.


And Britnee rode with her Uncle Randy in the Kauai Police Department’s Bearcat which was decorated as Rudolph the red nose reindeer.  She held her phone to the microphone which played Christmas music over the speaker for all the parade go-ers.


We were all at Vidinha Stadium from before 5:15pm which was when the roads were closed and returned back at the stadium once the parade was done, around 8:15pm.  A good time was had by all…


Have you ever heard of Giving Tuesday?  Well, this year is really the first time that we heard of it.  Giving Tuesday is observed on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving.  It follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday.   Giving Tuesday, which fell on December 1st, is a global day of giving.  According to our Girl Scouts of Hawaii blog, “it’s an event that celebrates the power of generosity to make real, lasting, and local change.”

In light of this special day, in the spirit of giving, and after reading an article in the Garden Island Newspaper about giving opportunities for the holidays, we decided to donate $100 to The Garden Island/Zonta Christmas Fund.  It is our hope that our donation will help to bring forth more smiles and happiness to those who are encountering challenges during this holiday season.


The check is in the mail….

If you would like more information on this day, visit

If you would like to donate to the Girl Scouts of Hawaii, visit

Kicking Off The Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner!  As we look forward to Christmas and the New Year, it becomes a very busy time for all of us.  Not only do we get to look forward to what we will receive under our Christmas trees; we get to make our Christmas shopping lists, go shopping for our friends and families, and participate in the many community giving events that come our way.

The first giving opportunity arose on November 28th for Kaytlen and Aleah, both Na Hoku ‘O Kauai pageant queens.  They spent their morning (8-11a) at the Lihue Walmart manning the Toys For Tots table at the garden entrance.


Later that afternoon at 3:30p, both girls met the rest of the Na Hoku ‘O Kauai’s pageant queens at Kmart’s back parking lot where they prepared for Kukui Grove’s 21st Annual Christmas Parade which was at 4:30-5:30p.


They took 1st Place as a walking unit!



Troop 823 Cookie Captains

Yesterday, November 15th, we (Kaytlen, Aleah, Alexis and Kyla) spent our afternoon (1-4p) in training to be Cookie Captains.  Kyla couldn’t be present with us so she did it from her home and facetimed us at the same time.  Jayda was in New York on a family vacation.

This was the first time we ever did a Girl Scout webinar, following along with the Oahu training event.  We were lucky to be included in this because we don’t have the many opportunities that Oahu troops have simply because we are on an outer island.  Travel costs to attend such events throughout the year would be just too much for us.

What is a Cookie Captain?  It’s a person who plays an important role in educating younger Girl Scouts about the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

What is the responsibilities of a Cookie Captain?  1 – Mentor a group of first-time cookie sellers. 2 – Help at cookie events. 3 – Join young Girl Scouts at booths.  And 4 – Provide assistance to the Service Unit Cookie Manager.

We play a special part in the Girl Scout Cookie Program and hold a very special place in the hearts of girls.  We are role models for leadership.  By teaching other girls about the cookie program, we help them reach their dreams.

Thank You so much Girl Scouts of Hawaii for giving us this opportunity!


Now to plan out how we will complete 15 service hours as Cookie Captains.  2-1/2 hours have already been earned for Alexis, Aleah, Kaytlen and Kyla having done the training so that leaves 12.5 hours to go.  I smell a Cookie Rally in the near future.  Do you?

Good Samaritan’s

On Saturday, November 7th, Aleah Yano and Kaytlen Akau, went to Kauai’s Breath of Life Church in Life to join their pageant sisters in Operation Christmas Child.  They spent about 1.75 hours (2 – 3:45pm) learning about the Samaritan’s Purse cause followed by the packing of shoeboxes and writing short letters to go with it.  It was a great first-time experience from start to finish.

First, they got an empty shoebox for a girl or a boy with a label on it that specified their age group: 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14.  Then they started filling the box with a variety of gifts like small toys, school supplies, personal hygiene products, socks, and a “wow” toy which is like a doll or stuffed animal.  Once the boxes were filled to the very top, they got a card and wrote a personal positive, uplifting, prayerful type message to go along with the box in hope that just maybe they might receive a return letter from the child sometime in the future.  Once done, they turned the box in, got another and started all over again.

Each box has a shipping cost of $7 in order to get the box from here to there… somewhere around the world… wherever each box is destined to be sent to make it into the hands of a child in need.

National Collection Week is the third week in November.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities, visit

IMG_3306  IMG_3305

IMG_3308  IMG_3322

Kauai Veterans Day Parade

On Saturday, November 8th, two of our Girl Scouts – Aleah Yano and Kaytlen Akau, participated in the Kauai Veterans Day Parade with the Na Hoku ‘O Kauai and Hawaiian Royalty Pageant Queens.  They spent 3.25 hours (7:45a – 11a) of their day decorating their float, riding in the parade and then breaking down their float and cleaning up.

IMG_3220  IMG_3223


2015 Pink Pineapple Project at Retro Farms


On Saturday, October 24th (today) we had an awesome, fun-filled morning at Retro Farms, located in Moloa’a, Anahola.  The day started early as we had to get there early to check in.  When we arrived, we were shuttled up to registration then up to the location where we spent our day.  The first stop, was the smoothy station for some yummy tasting smoothies.  Next up, was pineapple-up-side-down cake tasting at a location with beautiful ocean scenery.  That is where we began the program by forming a circle and breaking up into groups.IMG_3083

Of course, we had to stop for some picture-taking along the way.  The sun was out, the sky was beautifully blue and the view was just awesome.


Our group began by learning about and planting coffee plants…



Then, we moved on over to do some crafts… we painted on tree carvings to make a personalized necklace as memorabilia.





Then we got to learn about and plant some pineapples….





On our way back, we stopped for more photos…



Then we gathered for some thought-provoking hand work.  This is basically where we ended our day.




Our take-away for the day, as written on a card which was gifted to each of us as we departed:

“I am a girl…  I am smart and I am strong… and I can do ANYTHING.”

Thank you Retro Farms for providing us with this opportunity of learning and growth.  We appreciate it very much!