First Aid Legacy Badge

December 30th brought forth a new opportunity for our Girl Scouts.  Tito Villanueva, the Kauai AMR Operations Manager, taught a first aid/cpr certification class to 5 registered Girl Scouts:  Kaytlen, Alexis and Aleah; along with Tamara (Troop 823’s Adult Volunteer) and Aaliyah Nero.  This class helped 4 girls fulfill some of the requirements, if not all, for their First Aid Legacy Badge.

Uncle/Officer Randall Nero (Daddy to Aaliyah) assisted Tito and took photos throughout the class.  Tamara was in charge of the group while she learned along side the other girls too.

Aleah and Alexis, both Cadette Girl Scouts, fulfilled the 5 steps as follows:
1 – They now understand how to care for younger children after having asked a medical professional.
2 – They know how to use everything in a first aid kit after taking the first aid course and asking an EMT.
3 – They learned how to prevent serious outdoor injuries after having a chance to ask a first aider/EMT.
4 – They know the signs of shock and how to treat it after having asked an EMT.
5 – They learned to prevent and treat injuries due to weather… how to recognize the signs of heat- or cold-related injuries, how they can care for minor cases and  how to know when to call for help.

Congratulations Aleah and Alexis!

Kaytlen, a Senior Girl Scout, fulfilled the 5 steps as follows:
1 – She found out how to perform triage when several people are injured by taking this first aid course.
2 – She learned how to help a head or neck injury by taking this first aid course.
3 – She learned how to use every day objects to make splints by asking an expert/EMT.
4 – She learned to recognize the signs of drug overdose and alcohol poisoning by speaking with an EMT.
and lastly…
5 – Her take-away from this course in regards to drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning is to ensure the person goes on their side when they have passed out so they can breath easier and not die.

Congratulations Kaytlen!

Aaliyah Nero, a Junior Girl Scout, fulfilled step 4 by taking this first aid class.  She’s working with her dad on completing the other requirements for her badge.


We’d like to thank Uncle Tito for taking the time out of his day to come and share his expert knowledge with us.  We truly appreciate it.

We also thank Uncle Randy for assisting with the class and Tamara for volunteering to be in charge of our group in the absence of our troop leader (9a – 12noon).