A New Journey – Happy New Year 2016


With a new year comes new goals.  One of our troop goals is to complete our second Journey as Girl Scouts.  From the series It’s Your Story – Tell It!, our Senior girls (Kyla, Kaytlen and Britnee) will be working on Mission:  Sisterhood! while our Cadette girls (Aleah, Jayda, and Alexis) will be working on MEdia.

Mission: Sisterhood! – On this Journey, Seniors learn about the powerful benefits of sisterhood and the ways to nurture healthy friendships. They may invite a women’s shelter counselor to talk about her work, role-play friendship scenarios to explore trust in relationships, or create a collage about what sisterhood means to them. Then they team up to focus on a sisterhood issue they care about. They might organize a school film club that focuses on positive movies about women, help younger girls expand their friendship circles, or host a mixer where girls can meet, share stories, and make connections. Girls can earn one award that recognizes what they learned about the power of sisterhood in their own lives and how they helped nurture sisterhood in the world.”

Award to be earned on the Mission: Sisterhood journey is:

  • Sisterhood Award (pin and patch)

Skill-Building Badge Sets (Associated National Proficiency Badges) associated with this journey are:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Game Visionary
  • Social Innovator
  • Traveler
  • Voice For Animals

Media – On this Journey, Cadettes explore the media they love, including movies, TV shows, and music, and how to reshape negative media messages into more positive ones. They may invite a TV show producer to talk about what influences her work, organize a movie night and discuss the film’s messages, or write a rap song or TV script. Then they team up to do a project that encourages positive messages in media. They might rewrite a rap song that has hurtful lyrics about women, create a blog that reviews how movies and TV shows depict girls in a negative way, or start a Twitter campaign responding to stereotypes they see in all forms of media. Girls can earn three awards that recognize what they’ve learned about negative stereotypes and how they made their voices heard by reshaping and responding to media.”

Badges to be earned on the MEdia journey are:

  • Monitor Award
  • Influence Award
  • Cultivate Award
  • LiA (Leader In Action)

Skill-Building Badge Sets (Associated National Proficiency Badges) associated with this journey are:

  • Night Owl
  • Animal Helpers
  • Field Day
  • Entrepreneur
  • Netiquette

To some, this may look like a lot of work.  But to your this troop leader here, I look at it as a lot of fun!  I look forward to the many opportunities that I have to learn along side of my girls and I look forward to recording and sharing our journey here on our website this year!

Happy New Year!!!