Time For A Change

There are two girls in our troop who felt it was time for a change…  After having long hair for a long time and loving every inch of it’s new growth, both Kaytlen and Kyla decided to have their hair cut.  Since their hair was long enough to provide for a lengthy donation, they went short.

On December 18, 2015, Kaytlen made her appointment and went for it.  This is her before and after photos:


Kaytlen decided to donate her hair to two organizations.  The shorter cuttings of her hair, with a minimum length of 8 inches, went to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  The longer cuttings, with a minimum length of 12 inches, went to Wigs for Kids.  In addition, Kaytlen made a $20 cash donation to Wigs for Kids as well.  Her donation was made in honor of 11 year old Chandler Boyd in her fight against cancer.

On December 26, 2015, Kyla went in for her hair cut.  This is her before and after photos as well as the cutting of her hair:


Kyla decided to donate her hair to Wigs for Kids too.

Wigs for Kids has been helping children who suffer from hair loss since 1980.  

The awesome part about Wigs for Kids is that they have partnered with Girl Scouts in raising awareness about this need providing an opportunity for people to learn about hair loss illnesses and make a difference by making donations.  

Girl Scouts can earn the Wigs for Kids patch by completing one or more of the following:


1- Donate hair of 12″ or more
2- Run a cut-a-thon
3- Encourage salon sign-ups
4- Open & wrap hair donations
5- Creatively encourage awareness to the Wigs for Kids program assisting with fundraising in support of our children in need.

More information can be found by visiting the Wigs for Kids Girl Scout Donation Program webpage.

Our Girl Scout Troop 823, would like to encourage YOU to support Wigs for Kids today!

So Girl Scouts, if you have long hair too and are ready to make a change, join Kaytlen and Kyla in donating 12 inches of your hair to Wigs for Kids!

Thank you so much!!